Sunday, May 20, 2012

The anticipation is killing me!

So, I received my invitation e-mail Friday morning, and have had so much anxious energy ever since.  I thought the months of waiting for my invitation were tough.  Well, yesterday was worse than those months altogether.  Knowing that my invitation is actually on its way to me is so exciting!  And of course the first thing I did was read a blog to figure out how long it was going to take to get from DC to my house.  And of course the first (and only at the time) blog I read said they received it the next day.  So there I was yesterday, listening for the UPS truck, waiting for my package to arrive.  As the day rolled on, I realized that my hopes for my placement arriving were getting slimmer.  So, I looked at some more blogs, all which stated that they had to wait a few days at least.  Bummer.  And of course I had to go on the UPS website to double check that they even delivered on Saturday.  Guess what?  They don’t.  So my entire Saturday was spent waiting for a package that couldn’t have been delivered.  Yay for me. 

But, I am so excited to find out where I will be going.  It’s been so hard trying to be productive and research when all I know is a continent.  I’ve become pretty good at the geography of Africa in the last few weeks.  I can also tell you about trends relating to HIV/AIDS rates, literacy, major language, religion, and many other random things.  All I really want to do is find a returnee from my future home and be able to have frank conversations about life there.  I want to be able to learn about the culture, history, and current political climate.  I want to take my first step in the country not feeling like an idiot who knows nothing about where I am.  Baby steps though.  First I need to have the patience to wait those few long, long days until  I come home from work to a package at the door.  And when that day arrives (which I am hoping is tomorrow.  But let’s be realistic, it’s probably not.) I’m pretty sure that I will squeal with so much joy (yes squeal.  I’ve been looking for a good work to describe the sound that will come out of my mouth, and squeal seems the most accurate.  Shout, scream and yell won’t do it justice.) that the entire neighborhood will think I’ve finally gone insane. 

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  1. Good luck, Christina! This is very exciting, I can't wait to find out where you will be heading... I can't imagine how anxious you must be to hear from them!