Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dear America

P/Bag 1234



Dear America


First of all I will like to greet you on this most wonderfull day.  I am hoping that you are well.  I am fine.  Please you must tell me if you are fine or not fine.  Do you remember that time we used to send e-mails instead of writing friendly letters in school?  Those waves were gigantic!


I am writing this letter to tell you about the pen pal program I am doing with my learners.  They are all having a letter from a learner in California, the place to be.  The teacher there and I we decided to scan and e-mail the letters instead of sending them in the mail.   Me I thought it will be faster.  This is not what is happening.  The letters they were coming right before exams.  I am using any free time I am having with them to write back.  The learners thye are being very excited to write, but it is giving me a headache for trying to edit them so the American learners can actually understand them!  Me I am thinking it is worth my time so my learners can see different cultures around the world and be getting better at English.


Please give me the number of your brother/sister.  I will like to have a America boy/girlfrinend.  My number is 081@#%$^%#@.  What are your favourite colour?  We must meet there at California for two weeks.


Your friend



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