Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pictures, finally!

So I finally brought my laptop to the cafe, so I can actually upload some photos.

Finally arriving in Namibia!

The pots used to cook intestines and stomach on cultural day.

The chicken was alive a few minutes before, and delicious an hour later.

Fat cakes.  Enough said.  This is probably why Peace Corps volunteers gain weight here.

Mopani worms.  Neither slimy nor satisfying!  Word of advice:  do NOT eat!

Me in my traditional Herero outfit.

                                        Yes that is my butt, under a towel conveniently placed.

Visit to the local primary school.

On a walk with some neighborhood kids and my little sister (in the front with the pigtails)

Gotta have my coffee!

My little nephew!  So cute!!!  He finally stopped being scared of me!

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